Eastern Green Link 3 HVDC Connection Project Begins Supply Chain Tendering


Invitations to tender for cable and converter work packages have been released for the proposed Eastern Green Link 3 (EGL3) HVDC connection project linking Peterhead in Scotland and Norfolk in England.

EGL3, a joint venture between SSEN Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission, is expected to transfer power generated in Scotland’s north to demand centers throughout the U.K., via an approximately 680 kilometer route consisting of buried onshore and subsea cables.

The project plans to provide a 2 GW bi-pole, 525 kV HVDC link between Peterhead in Aberdeenshire and the Norfolk area. 

“We’re delighted to begin the tender process for our proposed Eastern Green Link 3 project, which is a major part of our ambition to deliver clean energy to demand centers around the U.K. in support of national net zero ambitions,” says Ricky Saez, SSEN Transmission’s EGL programme director.

“This marks progress in securing the supply chain on this important project, and while the hard work is only just beginning, I’d like to pay tribute to the remarkable effort made by our own staff as well as our delivery partners National Grid in getting us to this stage.”  

The project is scheduled for delivery by 2033.  

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