E.ON Celebrates Milestone For Self-Lifting Crane Deployments


E.ON Energy Services (EES) has reached a milestone of 100 deployments of its self-lifting crane. The deployment was for a maintenance job at the Loraine Wind Farm near Sweetwater, Texas.

EES, a wholly owned subsidiary of E.ON North America, provides asset management, balance of plant, energy management, and operations and maintenance services to third-party customers. EES has more than 20 sites under contract in North America and manages more than 2.5 GW of assets through its Renewables Operation Center in Austin, Texas.

“Because of EON’s commitment to safe, cutting-edge technology, E.ON Energy Services was able to bring a lower-cost solution to wind asset owners in the North American market,” says Kurt Anderson, vice president of business development for EES. “The resulting benefit to our customers has proven to be a game-changer for EES.”

EES says its use of the self-hoisting crane has helped customers cut costs up to 20% by reducing crane-related expenses and downtime. EES has also partnered with E.ON’s major components team, which provides major repairs and replacements for gearboxes, generators, bearings and rotors.

“E.ON’s decision to deploy a self-erecting crane in North America was truly transformational for E.ON Energy Services,” notes Kent Thornqvist, E.ON’s vice president of large correctives. “Our ability to leverage the strength and capabilities of the EON organization allowed E.ON Energy Services to offer this cost-saving approach to asset owners across the country.”

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