Duke Energy Puts Out RFP For Renewable Power Generation


Duke Energy is seeking proposals for acquiring diverse power generation in order to serve its Indiana customers.

“As we continue to transition to cleaner energy, we survey the markets for a diverse range of power generation resources,” says Stan Pinegar, Duke Energy Indiana president. “This gives us an opportunity to hear from developers about what may be available. Our aim is a responsible transition to cleaner power for customers who count on us to deliver energy that is affordable and available whenever needed.” 

As part of its integrated new power generation resource plan, the company is looking for up to 2,500 MW of specifically renewable energy generation, including combinations with battery storage. It is also seeking up to 2,500 MW of non-intermittent generation, such as natural gas combustion turbines, combined cycle units and stand-alone battery storage.

Proposals may include existing generating resources or proposed resources with an in-service date no later than Dec. 31, 2032. Duke will use an independent third-party administrator, Charles River Associates, to facilitate the RFP process and ensure it is conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.

Proposals for intermittent generation are due by Feb. 9. Selected projects will be presented to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for approval. Proposals for intermittent generation are due by Feb. 9 and the deadline for proposals for non-intermittent generation is Feb. 23.

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