DNG VL Incorporates WattTime’s Emissions Intelligence Software


DNV GL and WattTime have entered into a strategic partnership to incorporate WattTime’s emissions intelligence into DNV GL’s energy management and digital services expertise for renewables, storage and efficiency. 

By combining data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with energy efficiency, battery charging and discharging, demand response and renewables, DNV GL’s utility, regulatory and renewable and storage project owner clients can make decisions to deliver the greatest clean energy impact. 

WattTime pioneered Automated Emissions Reduction (AER), a software solution that allows smart devices to sync their flexible electricity use with times of cleaner generation and avoid times of dirtier energy, as well as ‘emissionality,’ which calculates the avoided emissions of different renewable energy projects based on where they are built and what fossil-fuelled generation they displace.

“We’re proud to partner with DNV GL to inform their work with clients around the world,” says Gavin McCormick, executive director of WattTime. “Electrification and renewable energy integration are cornerstones of their latest forecast. Our insights will enable their customers with choice in the form of understanding the impacts of different energy decisions, be it energy storage or efficiency upgrades. Down the road, our software can give all manner of smart devices the intelligence to automatically use cleaner energy as power grids around the world see bigger real-time emissions fluctuations during this transition period from fossil-fueled to renewable-powered generation.”

From its inception, WattTime has championed the use of marginal rather than average emissions rates as a more-relevant way to understand, evaluate and take action based on the actual environmental impact of particular energy use. DNV GL will be able to incorporate marginal emissions into a variety of analyses and products, including 8760 analyses of different technologies’ annual energy use.

Photo: WattTime’s landing page

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