DHL Group Inks Deal for RWE Offshore Wind Farm Power


DHL Group has agreed to a ten-year contract with RWE Supply & Trading for the purchase of approximately 104 GWh per year of offshore electric starting in 2026. 

The purchased power is set to be produced by the Kaskasi offshore farm, located in the German North Sea, which has been operational since the beginning of last year. 

“The contract with RWE is another important step on our path towards net-zero-emission logistics by 2050,” says Anna Spinelli, Chief Procurement Officer at DHL. “The long-term agreement with our energy partner ensures the credible green electricity supply for our operations and is a measure to support the renewable energy transition. This is an example of how fostering proactive supplier relationships can contribute to a more sustainable and positive ecosystem.”

Located 35 km off the coast of Helgoland in the North Sea, Kaskai is RWE’s sixth wind farm off Germany’s coast. The project contains 38 turbines and has an installed capacity of 342 MW, says the company. 

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