Delaware Governor Signs Clean Energy Jobs Package


Gov. Jack A. Markell has signed into law four renewable energy bills that together make up the Clean Energy Jobs package, which was designed to put more people to work in expanding industries such as wind and solar power. The legislation puts protections in place for ratepayers while also protecting the environment by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and improving air quality.

The clean energy bills will promote renewable resources, such as an offshore wind infrastructure or a large wind park off the coast of Delaware, which will create potentially thousands of jobs in manufacturing, metal fabricating, electrical services and marine trades.

S.B.1 for S.B.119 extends and expands Delaware's renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 25% by 2025, includes solar energy targets and provides incentives for local labor and manufacture of renewable energy systems.

S.B.266 updates the Green Energy Fund law to address the large backlog of projects across the state currently awaiting incentive funds. It also gives the Delaware Department of Natural Resources secretary the ability to direct more of the Green Energy Fund to clear the existing backlog and focuses on incentives that will maximize economic development benefits. Lastly, the bill allows for a gradual transition from the over-reliance on the fund for financing renewable energy systems and balances the program's resources with current and expected demands.

S.B.267 strengthens Delaware's net-metering law by increasing the amount of energy that customers can sell back to their electric supply grid. Homes and businesses may sell back 110 % of their aggregate consumption to the grid. In addition, homeowner associations and similar groups of customers sharing a unique set of interests will be able to cooperatively finance and build community-scale renewable energy projects, both on and off-site.

S.B.316 loosens some restrictions on solar energy systems located on land-zoned residential areas.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Jack A. Markell

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