Deep Wind Offshore, Ellevio Collaborate on Wind Power Transmission


‍Deep Wind Offshore and Ellevio have entered a long-term partnership to connect offshore wind power to the grid in Sweden. 

The collaboration aims to explore new models for onshore and offshore grids, as well as solutions that can accelerate climate adaptation for industrial customers. Its primary focus is Olof Skötkonung, an offshore wind farm in the Gulf of Bothnia. The park is planned to include 70 wind turbines with the capacity to produce up to 7.5 TWh annually.

“We see that Olof Skötkonung will play an important role in the energy transition as early as the 2030s,” says Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore. “If we get our permits, we can start delivering relatively quickly. Partnering with a leading Swedish energy company like Ellevio gives us the opportunity to accelerate the delivery from the project.”

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