Damen Shipyards Launches 100% Electric Service Operations Vessel


Damen Shipyards Group has launched a fully electric service operations vessel with offshore charging capabilities.

Damen partnered with U.K.-based MJR Power & Automation to achieve offshore charging. The charging system uses the motion-compensated gangway to create a connection between the vessel and a turbine or substation offshore. 

MJR developed a 4 MW charger connector for the project, sufficient for a 70-meter vessel. The company is also working on a scaled-up 8 MW version that will enable charging of vessels up to 90 meters.

“The charging system is designed to be safe, convenient and reliable, with rapid connection and disconnection of the charge umbilical,” says MJR’s Paul Cairns. 

“From the outset of this project, the priority has been to ensure the safety of personnel and integrity of the vessel and offshore assets, under all conditions. Charging from an offshore asset represents optimal practicality, providing a means to reduce costs and emissions and optimize efficiency without placing personnel nor infrastructure in a potentially hazardous situation.”

The vessel provides 60 cabins for crew and up to 40 technicians.

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