CSA Ocean Sciences Granted California Marine Survey Permit


CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA) has been granted a non-exclusive General Offshore Geophysical Survey Permit by the California State Lands Commission, allowing it to conduct low-energy marine surveys within a three-mile zone from the mean high tide line along the state’s coast. 

The permit allows the company to support offshore development plans with marine data acquisition and environmental consultancy services. It also enables CSA to run coastal and seafloor characterization studies, inspect subsea structures;, identify faults or other geophysical hazards and map local sea life.

“As true to the day we opened our doors for business in 1970, we remain fully committed to environmentally responsible data acquisition and marine survey practices,” says Kevin Peterson, CSA’s CEO. “We look forward to working closely with regulatory agencies and stakeholders to ensure all related activities are conducted with the utmost care and consideration for the long-term health of our ocean.”

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