CrewSmart Earns DNV Type Approval for Planned Maintenance System


CrewSmart, an end-to-end management system for compliant, effective maritime operations, has secured type approval for its planned maintenance system (PMS) from DNV, a class and certification society.

CrewSmart PMS simplifies and streamlines asset maintenance processes for offshore wind fleet managers to improve equipment efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent the risk of breakdowns or defects on assets in operation. The certification shows CrewSmart’s asset management offering has been assessed and approved to DNV’s well-established and rigorous standards.

“Effective maintenance planning and execution can be an essential factor in maintaining safe and efficient operations and reliable PMS software is the foundation that enables this,” comments Thomas Knödlseder, principal engineer for DNV Maritime. “Having DNV class type approval builds confidence and demonstrates that the system has been assessed to industry leading standards.”

Safety and compliance are paramount concerns in offshore wind fleet management, critical in equal measure to enable both the fleet and its crew to operate at full capacity and provide vital operations and maintenance support to wind farms. Planning appropriate maintenance schedules is essential to maintaining these conditions, yet the current shortage of yard space is creating obstacles for asset managers – and any delays to their schedules increases the risk of defects and breakdowns in operation.

“CrewSmart develops its solutions specifically to help its customers maintain full operational capacity and compliance, enabling them to manage and deploy their resources to best effect and keep assets healthier for longer,” states Christian Adams, founder and technical director of CrewSmart. “Securing DNV type approval for CrewSmart PMS is a real feather in our cap, confirming to all our customers that our systems comply with the highest standards of quality across the industry.”

To effectively prioritize management challenges within this landscape, maritime organizations need to utilize their operational data to attain complete oversight of their operations. A solution which provides full visibility of critical operational activity on one platform offers the most effective means of driving efficiencies for fleet managers.

CrewSmart PMS employs estimated operational data to recommend the most appropriate maintenance schedules for assets and components, ensuring continued safe and compliant operation across the fleet. The platform also uses historical maintenance data to estimate costs for future maintenance and repair schedules, generating a full overview of maintenance requirements and commitments, and giving more control to the asset manager in organizing and forecasting future maintenance.

“We use CrewSmart PMS to map out our service timelines based on time and engine hours, we look forward to it tracking inventory of all our supplies,” says Max Perry, HSEQ manager and DPA for offshore wind CTV operator, Dalby Offshore. “The data has enabled us to make our service and maintenance processes much smoother and quicker and gives us clear maintenance records to use as evidence in our audits.

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