Thistle Wind Scotland Offshore Wind Farms Get Moving


Consenting for the combined 2 GW Ayre and Bowdun Offshore Wind Farms is under way, with ABPmer providing marine physical process assessments on behalf of RPS.

Ayre is a planned floating wind farm off the coast of Orkney, while Bowdun is set to be a fixed foundation wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen. Both projects are owned by Thistle Wind Partners.

As part of the work scope, ABPmer is slated to model the wave, hydrodynamic and sediment transport environment of the wind farm areas.

“We are delighted to support Ayre and Bowdun,” says Heidi Roberts, ABPmer project director.

“These projects are expected to make a key contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy generation, in support of the Scottish government’s target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2045. ABPmer brings a wealth of experience to the project, having undertaken EIA related studies for over 30 U.K. offshore wind projects, including Scotland’s Salamander, MarramWind, Beatrice, Moray East and Moray West Wind Farms, as well as post-consent coastal processes and metocean support.”

Consenting for both wind farms is expected to be completed next year, with construction planned to begin in 2029.

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