Clobotics Introduces Robot Built for Inspecting the Inside of Turbine Blades


Clobotics Wind Services has released its Clobotics Crawler robot, designed to document the internal condition of turbine blades. 

The company says the device features two high dynamic range cameras, LED lighting and a tethered retrieval line. It weighs approximately 12 lbs and is just under 20 inches tall.

The company hopes to address maintenance issues that may be difficult to detect from the blades’ outside, such as stress cracks and bond line failures, without a technician needing to enter the blade. 

“In many ways, the hardest part of taking a data-driven approach to wind turbine operations and maintenance is collecting good data at an affordable cost,” says Yan Ke, CTO at Clobotics. “The Clobotics Crawler sets a new standard for high quality, automated, visual documentation of the inside of blades.”

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