Canada Supports Program Seeking To Establish Offshore Wind

In order to expand innovative renewable energy sources available to provinces, Jim Carr, Canada’s minister of natural resources, has announced the launch of a C$200 million expression of interest for the Emerging Renewable Power Program.

The funding, which is part of the government’s investment of C$21.9 billion over 11 years to support green infrastructure under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, will help drive Canada’s efforts to build a clean economy by expanding commercially viable, investment-ready, renewable power technologies, such as tidal, geothermal and offshore wind.

According to Natural Resources Canada, the Emerging Renewable Power Program will reduce the risks associated with these technologies, help reduce their cost and allow the sector to more easily navigate through regulatory issues – making the technology more accessible in the long run. Over time, this will help Canada’s electricity system draw on a more diverse set of clean technologies and make an even greater contribution to the country’s climate change commitments, says Natural Resources Canada.

“This program will help pave the way to a low-carbon future by further diversifying Canada’s clean electricity mix, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and supporting the growth of clean jobs and new green industries,” states Carr.

To help community members, businesses and other interested Canadians find information on federal programming to support the deployment of emerging renewable projects, a new webpage has been established, which includes a comprehensive guide to funding for eligible projects.


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