Business Network for Offshore Wind Commemorates Tenth Anniversary


The Business Network for Offshore Wind, a non-profit working to accelerate offshore wind development and build a dedicated manufacturing supply chain in the U.S., is marking its tenth anniversary by launching a campaign that celebrates the growth of the American offshore wind industry over the last decade. 

The Business Network for Offshore Wind has worked to unlock opportunities that harness the potential of offshore wind energy and grow America’s domestic supply chain capacity. What began in 2013 as a small group of Maryland businesses with a shared vision has transformed into a coalition of nearly 600 member groups and businesses working collectively to increase coordination and reduce barriers to offshore wind deployment.

The network brings together businesses, developers, policymakers, international experts and economic development agencies to increase coordination and reduce barriers to offshore wind deployment for the benefit of America’s economy, environment and workforce. From hosting the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum to creating industry products like the Supply Chain Connect registry, OSW Market Dashboard and Foundation 2 Blade trainings, the network is committed to meeting the dynamic needs of a fast-evolving industry.

“Ten years ago, we started the Business Network for Offshore Wind with the shared mission to break down the barriers that have held back the U.S. offshore wind industry for far too long,” said Liz Burdock, president and CEO of Business Network for Offshore Wind. “Today, we are at an inflection point as the market transitions from demonstration to commercialization-at-scale, and we have a visible pipeline of construction-ready projects for the first time.”

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