Boralex Chooses InterPro’s Mobile Solution


The Canadian-based renewable energy company Boralex has chosen InterPro’s EZMaxMobile mobile solution. 

The key feature that drove Boralex’s decision was EZMaxMobile’s ability to work online and offline, supported by the recently patented synchronization method.

“After reviewing some of the existing requirements, we were confident that EZMaxMobile could improve the mobile user experience for Boralex’s workforce,” says Jack Lee, managing partner at InterPro Solutions.

“Our team made some minor modifications to the application as part of a pilot program with end-users. This involved enabling our multi-language support, configuring fingerprint scanning support for their Android devices and other adjustments to the work management related applications,” he adds.

Interpro notes that EZMaxMobile is a solution that mobilizes Maximo in order to simplify processes, save time and money and increase job satisfaction.

To learn more about InterPro’s EZMaxMobile mobile solutions, click here.

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