BOEM Completes Sunrise Wind Environmental Review


The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has completed its environmental review of the proposed Sunrise Wind energy project, located approximately 16.4 nm south of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

“We carefully considered input from our government partners, key stakeholders and the public for the final Environmental Impact Statement for Sunrise Wind,” says BOEM director Elizabeth Klein. “This document represents a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the project and is another milestone in achieving President Biden’s ambitious clean-energy goals.” 

The project plan submitted by Sunrise Wind includes up to 94 wind turbines and their associated export cables. The onshore export cables, substation and grid connection is located in Holbrook, N.Y. The lease area covers approximately 86,823 acres. 

In response to comments from government partners, key stakeholders and the public, BOEM developed a preferred alternative that includes 84 turbines to accommodate geotechnical feasibility of the project, reduce impacts to benthic habitat and Atlantic cod, and meet the energy needs of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

BOEM plans to issue a Record of Decision on whether to approve the project early next year, including identifying any conditions of approval.   

BOEM estimates the proposed 924 MW project will power more than 320,000 homes.

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