BNOW Reacts to Offshore Wind Component of Inflation Reduction Act


Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., have reached a deal to include the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 in a reconciliation package. In reaction, Liz Burdock, CEO and founder of the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), focused on the role that well-paying job support will have on offshore wind development in the country.

“[BNOW] is glad to see Congress taking action to support the rapidly growing offshore wind industry,” Burdock states. “As announced, the proposed Senate package will ensure that more Americans can take advantage of the well-paying jobs that will be created as more offshore wind projects are developed, all while reducing inflationary pressures.

“Offshore wind will play a central role in the country’s transition to a cleaner energy future by providing reliable and dependable power that is shielded from inflationary global energy markets and geopolitics,” she continues. “Although Europe has a three-decade head-start, the U.S. offshore wind industry is poised to compete on the global stage creating tens of thousands of jobs in manufacturing centers and businesses across the U.S. The proposed Senate package takes an important, and historic, step forward in its support for offshore wind.

“Building this industry requires the ramping up of a domestic supply chain, investing billions in ports and shipbuilding, and rebuilding our transmission system – all of which requires Congressional support,” Burdock concludes. “With global demand for offshore wind growing exponentially and diverting market attention, Congress must take action to keep the U.S. at pace with overseas competitors and support job growth in the U.S.”

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