Biden Aims to Double U.S. Offshore Wind Capacity in Next Decade


U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that includes doubling offshore wind power generation in U.S. federal waters by 2030. The order also directs the Department of Interior to conduct a full assessment of the siting processes that will align U.S. public lands and water management practices with administration goals to advance renewable energy production.  

The administration’s actions also establish the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy and create a federal government-wide task force that will coordinate actions among agencies.

Overall, the order addresses job creation, infrastructure expansion and climate change. 

“Biden’s actions confirm the critical role that offshore wind energy will play in creating a clean U.S. energy grid and achieving White House commitments to combat climate change,” says Liz Burdock, president and CEO of the Business Network for Offshore Wind. “His call to double offshore wind production in U.S. federal waters sends a clear signal of support to our industry, which will generate billions in new investments. Over the next few years, the offshore wind industry will dramatically scale up the development of the U.S. supply chain – growing tens of thousands of new jobs in the process. The offshore wind has been on the precipice of significant growth thanks to states’ bold leadership. Biden’s executive order further pushes the industry to new heights with a new sense of urgency.” 

The inclusion of offshore wind energy development in the order acknowledges the important role the industry will play in the administration’s renewable energy goals, which will drive investment, revitalize ports and provide new, well-paying jobs for workers – particularly those in disadvantaged communities often affected by pollution.  

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Doug Selsam
Doug Selsam
3 years ago

Yeah be the first to comment – already tried. It keeps getting rejected. I’ve seen this same headline over and over in so many places by this point. Drives me nuts! Anyone reading this magazine should most likely know exactly how many offshore wind turbines we have in the U.S. right now. Aside from research prototypes, there are five (5) offshore wind turbines installed in U.S. waters as of today. So what this headline is saying is we will be installing one offshore turbine every two years for the next decade for a grand total of ten (10) turbines by… Read more »