BAR Technologies Designs Offshore Support Workboat for U.S. Wind Developers


BAR Technologies’ low-emission CTV design, the BARTech 30, will be available for its first U.S. offshore wind projects in 2024, following quotes at several U.S. shipyards.

With significant interest in the domestic U.S. licensing of the BARTech 30 CTV – a type already on charter at the U.K.’s Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm – BAR anticipates its vessel design will be available to support the first major U.S. offshore projects as they head into construction.

“The U.S. offshore wind market has huge potential,” says John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies.  “But that potential isn’t limited to the scale of its projects and rapid pace of development.  Equally, there is a massive opportunity to circumvent many of the quite protracted processes for growth – and one of these is in the rapid deployment of the latest greener and leaner, workboat vessels.

“In the European markets, a number of forward-thinking wind farm operators are recognizing not only the significant opportunity to reduce fuel burn across the fleets serving their projects, but also the reputational risk in continuing to use outmoded inefficient vessel designs,” he continues. “With some of these same operators now developing projects in a new market, we anticipate a number will be looking to capitalize on some of the innovations they have in Europe, in the U.S.”

With its 30m ProA design, and active foiling systems to correct for pitch and roll, the BARTech 30 is able to minimize vessel motion and fuel burn – leading to an average increase in stability across all sea states of up to 70% and a reduction in total emissions of 30% over a typical operational profile – making the vessel one of the first low emission vehicles (LEVs) serving offshore wind farms.

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