Bachmann Expands its Wind Capabilities with New Staff


Bachmann electronic, a provider of wind automation solutions, has added 10 wind-energy experts to its team. 

With more than 20 years of experience in turbine control technology, the new team – located in Rendsburg, Germany – will concentrate on the global turbine retrofit market. Their aim is to provide turbine lifetime extension, optimize efficiency and support wind farms in delivering affordable energy.

Bachmann-retrofitted turbines are now compliant with advancing technical requirements. The turbines have increased cybersecurity and optimized operator safety. The Bachmann M1 automation system offers a wide variety of software components to older turbines. Components such as WTT (Wind Turbine Template), WPS (Wind Power SCADA), SPPC (Smart Power Plant Controller), condition monitoring systems (CMS) and structural health monitoring (SHM), update and standardize technology to meet international standards. Bachmann wind energy customers increase their farm’s efficiency, lower costs and maximize performance.

“We are very excited to be joining Bachmann,” says Martin von Mutius, head of the new retrofit team. “We want to grant independence to our customers, giving them the most from their turbines. This means durable, long-lasting automation solutions ensuring continuous productivity throughout turbine lifetimes; exactly what Bachmann provides.”

Bachmann electronic, headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, has been optimizing customer productivity and profit for 50 years. With more than 20 years of experience in the wind market and wind energy automation, Bachmann provides quality, durability and reliability to one in three turbines worldwide, touts the company. 

Photo: The new Bachmann electronic team

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