Avangrid Acquires First Mobile Transformer


Avangrid has acquired a mobile transformer that the company hopes will enable it to resolve outages in the event of a damaged transformer within months, compared to the company estimated current two-year lead time for a replacement transformer.

“We are thrilled to have this first mobile transformer, which is an exciting new addition to Avangrid’s toolkit and will improve the resiliency and reliability of our wind and solar operations across the United States,” says Pedro Azagra, Avangrid CEO. 

“When we reduce downtime at our renewable energy assets, we ensure that clean energy keeps flowing to our customers. New, innovative pieces of equipment like this are key to delivering on Avangrid’s mission to accelerate the clean energy transition.”

The new 168 megavolt-ampere mobile transformer, custom-made for Avangrid and purchased from Hitachi Energy, is set to be deployed and installed to any of the company’s onshore wind and solar facilities due to the transformer’s multi-voltage capabilities. 

The company says the transformer’s technology also allows for a low profile and the ability to withstand higher-than-normal transport accelerations.

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