Archer Acquires Moreld Ocean Wind


Archer has entered into an agreement with Remold Invest to acquire the floating offshore wind solutions provider Moreld Ocean Wind (MOW), which includes a minority stake in the U.S.-French technology company, Ocergy (OCY).

Based in Norway, MOW delivers project management and engineering for fabrication and assembly of floating substructures for wind turbines. The lightweight floating substructures, developed and designed by OCY, are suited for serial production, as the modules are prefabricated and made to be assembled in ports or yards close to where the wind farm will be operating.

“The floating offshore wind market is still in its early days but is predicted to grow in the coming decades,” says Dag Skindlo, CEO of Archer. “This acquisition gives us an attractive entry point to capitalize on these market developments. We have a flexible approach as to how we best can structure and develop the company going forward.”

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