APS Taps Wind to Deliver Clean Energy to Customers


Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) says that by the end of 2021, it will harness the power of Leeward Renewable Energy’s advanced GE wind turbine technology to help meet Arizona’s growing energy demands.

APS has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Leeward to purchase wind energy output from Leeward’s two Aragonne Wind facilities. The PPA resulted from a September 2019 wind request for proposal. This PPA enables Leeward to sell 200 MW of wind generation to APS over a term of 20 years through the repowering of Leeward’s existing 90 MW Aragonne Wind project and the construction of its 145 MW Aragonne Mesa Wind project. Both facilities are located within Guadalupe County, N.M.

Leeward and APS have a longstanding partnership. APS first purchased power from the 90 MW Aragonne Wind farm in 2006 when the project began operating commercially. Repowering of this existing project, coupled with the new wind generation, aligns with APS’s efforts to advance Arizona’s clean energy future by adding new renewable resources to its energy mix and bringing customers direct cost-saving benefits through energy efficiency products and smart energy home programs.

“Renewable energy resources like this wind power are important to a diverse and increasingly clean energy mix for Arizona,” says Brad Albert, vice president of resource management at APS. “By working with supplier partners like Leeward, APS is advancing toward our target of having 45% of our generation portfolio in renewable energy by 2030 on the path to 100% clean energy by 2050. We are moving toward that future while continuing our focus on serving customers with reliable, affordable energy.”

This project will modernize Leeward’s existing wind assets and add significant generation capacity to its Guadalupe County, N.M., renewable energy complex. Together, both companies will use wind resources as a clean power solution for APS customers in Arizona.

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