Andel and CIP Partner to Bid on Danish Offshore Wind Projects


To further Denmark’s goal of accelerating its green transition and lowering fossil fuel consumption, its politicians have realized that development and building of offshore wind farms must be hastened. Earlier this year the country laid the groundwork for a 9-GW build-out of offshore wind, its largest so far.

Danish authorities have pinpointed areas in the North Sea, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea, all close to the island of Zealand, for offshore wind farm construction. Hesselo Offshore Wind Farm, in Kattegat, is planned for completion by 2029. Kriegers Flak II, located in the Baltic Sea, will be complete by 2030. The two parks will have a total minimum installed capacity of 1.8 GW and capacity to supply power to the equivalent of two million homes.

Wanting to play a central part in the build-out of those offshore wind projects and deliver on the national ambitions, energy and fiber-optic group Andel and the renewable investment fund manager Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) formed a strategic partnership. The joint venture will cooperate on tenders for Hesselo Offshore and Kriegers Flak II.

“In our investment program up to 2035, $13 billion will be invested into growth and the green transition,” says Jesper Hjulmand, CEO of Andel. “Now, together with CIP we are ready, and it is our goal to win the tenders for Hesselo and Kriegers Flak II.”

Denmark’s continuous build-out of offshore wind is not only important for transitioning the power supply. It is also central to the country keeping its position as a frontrunner in renewables, while growing the economy and creating jobs both during construction and operation.

“Our common ambition is to be an important driver in the realization of the potential for even larger amounts of renewable energy generation in Danish waters,” says Jakob Baruel Poulsen, managing partner at CIP “Hesselo and Kriegers Flak II are very important pieces of the puzzle. It is of utmost importance that we keep the transition moving, and at Andel and CIP we are ready to do our part of the job.”

Image by Alexander Kuhn from Pixabay

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