Amprion Offshore Awards Energy Converter Platform Contract to Cobra IS


Cobra IS, a VINCI subsidiary, has won a contract from Amprion Offshore to design, build and install two energy converter platforms in the North Sea at the LanWin1 and LanWin3 offshore wind farms.

The converter platforms will collect the alternating current generated by several wind farms and convert it into high voltage direct current (HVDC), which will then be reconverted into alternating current at onshore stations approximately 400 kilometers away. The onshore stations are also covered by the contract.

The construction of these platforms will take place at Dragados Offshore’s yard in Cádiz, Spain, and will generate over 2,000 jobs, providing workload until 2029.

With transmission and transport capacity of 2 GW each (i.e. a total of 4 GW), these platforms will be able to power a major city of 4 million people, like Berlin. They are among the first of such capacity to be developed in northern Europe and are scheduled to be commissioned in 2029 and 2030.

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