Ampelmann Secures Offshore Wind Contracts in the North Sea


Ampelmann, a Dutch offshore access provider, has secured five new contracts in offshore wind with Norwegian companies BOA, Volstad, Olympic Shipping, Siem Offshore and DOF. 

Ampelmann will provide two A-type and three E1000 systems, which will aid the installation and maintenance work at offshore wind farms in the North Sea. In total, this will add up to 380 days of firm work, with possibilities to extend. These new projects have all been secured by the company’s offices in Hamburg, Germany, and Aberdeen, Scotland.

“It is not the first time that we are working with these key players in the European market. The fact that they have turned to Ampelmann for safe offshore access again is proof of the value of our systems,” says Caspar Blum, business development manager of offshore wind at Ampelmann.

“We believe that in the next 10 years, there is potential for about 30 new service operation vessels (SOVs) to be built around the globe. Many of those vessels will be looking for a safe and efficient means of offshore access and we are prepared to meet the demand with the development of our new system tailored to SOVs,” Blum adds.  

The A-type is the company’s proven solution for safe and efficient people transfer offshore in sea states up to 3m Hs. The E1000 is a heavier system with a wider range allowing it to operate in even rougher waters while ensuring the safe and efficient access of both personnel and cargo.

To date, Ampelmann has enabled the safe transfer of more than 6 million people and close to 14 million kilograms of cargo to and from offshore platforms. The company is currently building the E5000 system. With the ability to lift up to 5 tons, the system will help increase the work scope clients can deliver and improve the efficiency of walk to work (W2W) operations.

The newly-secured contracts are an important milestone for the Dutch company as it sets its sights on the broader offshore wind market. With more offshore wind farms to be built in the years to come, reliable access to the wind turbines will be crucial.

Photo: The A-type can safely transfer personnel in sea states up to 3m Hs

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