American Clean Power Provides Updates on the CLEANPOWER Conference


American Clean Power, a federation of renewable energy companies, says the in-person component of the CLEANPOWER 2021 conference and exhibition will be held Dec. 7-8 in Salt Lake City. 

American Clean Power released the following statement detailing the two events:

“The CLEANPOWER Virtual Event, Online Education & Matchmaking, will be held from June 7-10:

While we may not be able to meet in person this June, ACP is dedicated to delivering the information and connectivity that keeps us all moving forward. Live speakers and on-demand presentations will provide insights and business solutions to growing renewable energy in the U.S., covering topics related to utility-scale wind, solar, storage and transmission. Along with education opportunities, business matchmaking and virtual networking opportunities will be available over the original CLEANPOWER dates.

The CLEANPOWER 2021 Conference and Exhibition, Tradeshow & Business Development, will be held from Dec. 7-8, in Salt Lake City, Utah:

By postponing the in-person event to early December, our goal is to combine the face-to-face experience so many of you have asked for, with a safer environment, as well as avoid restrictions that might currently limit some people’s ability to travel to the conference. In addition, we want to ensure when we do come together, the event is providing as much value to you and your team as possible. We hope to see you this December, as we celebrate the first year of ACP, and discuss exciting plans ahead.

While we would love for you to participate in both events, we hope at least one of these options allows you to learn, connect and grow in whatever manner you are most comfortable. We will share important details, including the launch of registration and housing in the coming weeks.”

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