Ameren Missouri Offering New Renewable Energy Program


Ameren Missouri is offering a new program designed to help increase renewable energy use in the state.

The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved the company’s Renewable Choice Program, a way for large commercial and industrial customers, as well as municipalities of any size, to receive up to 100% of their energy from renewable resources. The Renewable Choice Program is the first of its kind in Missouri, according to the energy company.

“The Renewable Choice Program is a great option for business and municipal customers to increase their renewable energy use,” says Michael Moehn, president of Ameren Missouri. “We know customers across Missouri are looking for more choices, control and greater flexibility. This program is one of the ways Ameren Missouri is meeting those needs.”

The action by the PSC would also allow Ameren Missouri to acquire ownership of up to an additional 200 MW of new renewable energy generation after securing commitments from customers for their renewable energy needs. This filing also allows Ameren Missouri to purchase, through power supply agreements, an additional 200 MW of renewable energy generation to serve customers. This new renewable energy generation is in addition to the company’s existing renewable energy strategy set forth in its 2017 integrated resource plan.

“Like Ameren Missouri, businesses and municipalities across the state have established renewable energy goals. This program demonstrates our commitment to our customers,” says Ajay Arora, vice president of power operations and energy management at Ameren Missouri.

The Renewable Choice Program is subject to customer demand and available renewable energy supply. In connection with the addition of any owned or procured renewable energy sources supporting the program, Ameren Missouri will be required to obtain separate PSC approval and acceptable interconnection agreements, as applicable.

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