Aggreko Launches ‘One-Stop Solution’ For Wind Projects


Scotland-based Aggreko has combined its mobile, modular power solutions into a one-stop option for the wind industry.

Global wind developers and operators can choose from a suite of Aggreko temporary power solutions, including energy storage systems from its microgrid and energy storage division, Younicos. A custom-designed bundle of batteries, generators, load banks and other equipment will help ensure cost-effective and timely project commissioning, as well as optimal system and market integration of new wind farms, the company says.

The first project to take advantage of the full suite of Aggreko and Younicos solutions was the world’s first floating wind farm, Hywind in Scotland. Aggreko offered power generation services during the construction phase of the project, while Younicos deployed a battery system.

“We’re very pleased to announce this one-stop solution that leverages expertise from across Aggreko,” says Karim Wazni, managing director of Younicos. “Our job is to help developers maximize value by providing the most efficient commissioning and market integration of their assets. Specifically, our offer combines Aggreko’s well-known system commissioning expertise with Younicos’ decade-long experience in integrating wind farms with energy storage.

“Batteries are one of the most versatile assets in the power industry, capable of providing a number of critical services at once,” Wazni continues. “In addition, our mobile and modular units can be deployed both easily and early to new wind sites, achieving a number of benefits from fuel-efficient power generation to testing during commissioning. They can then help bridge grid connection or alleviate grid constraints and even integrate the clean energy more effectively into markets in the long term.”

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