AdBM, Van Oord Demo Noise Mitigation System For Offshore Wind


AdBm Technologies, working with Van Oord, has successfully demonstrated the new AdBm noise mitigation system (NMS), which can be used for offshore wind applications.

The AdBm NMS, as tested, integrated the technology in a deployment system engineered by Van Oord. The system was tested on five piles. When used in combination with only a single big bubble curtain, it has been proven to meet Belgian and Dutch regulations, according to the partners.

As a result of this demonstration, the AdBm NMS will be used commercially by balance-of-plant contractor Van Oord at the Borssele Offshore Wind Farm plots 3, 4 and 5.

The AdBm NMS reduces underwater noise through the use of their specially designed and injection-molded Helmholtz resonators. The application of these resonators can be customized to meet the needs of any particular offshore project, including in other industries, such as shipping or oil and gas.

“We are very pleased both with the performance of our noise mitigation system and with Van Oord’s decision to use our technology on their upcoming Borssele project,” says Dr. Mark S. Wochner, president and CEO of AdBm Technologies. “This technology is now ready for the market, and another exciting outcome of this demonstration is that we have also gained numerous insights into how to further increase the system’s performance.”

Demonstration analysis was performed by itap GmbH and TNO, and funding was provided by a renewable energy grant from RVO. It was also supported by TKI Wind op Zee.

AdBM is a member of the Business Network for Offshore Wind. Liz Burdock, president and CEO of the network, has issued the following statement:

“We congratulate our network member AdBm Technologies of Austin, Texas, for their successful demonstration of the new AdBm noise mitigation system, working with the Dutch marine contractor Van Oord. Noise mitigation is especially important on the U.S. East Coast because the loud noises caused by pile driving offshore wind turbine foundations can disrupt marine mammals in this area, especially whales. As an added bonus, the NMS is a passive system that doesn’t require the use of an air compressor on-site, which means less burning of diesel fuel and no stirring up of sea floor sediment.

“We are glad to see that the NMS will be immediately put to use on the upcoming Borssele Offshore Wind farm plots 3, 4 and 5 off of the Dutch coast and hope to see this exciting technology applied to U.S. offshore wind farms in the very near future.”

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