From 90 To 12: Nordex Switching Acciona Wind Farm To Fewer Turbines, Same Power

The Nordex Group has won a 30 MW order to renovate one of Acciona Energia’s oldest wind farm in Spain.

In the second half of 2018, Nordex will upgrade the 30 MW El Cabrito wind farm with 12 multi-megawatt turbines. Acciona Energia has opted for eight N100/3000 turbines and four AW70/1500 turbines, fitting optimally in the existing wind farm layout, says Nordex. Located in a high-wind region, El Cabrito is situated on a mountain range near Tarifa in southern Spain.

The wind farm was originally constructed around 25 years ago. Accordingly, the 90 turbines, each of which has a nominal capacity of around 330 kW, are now showing their age, says Nordex. Each with a capacity up to 10 times greater, the 12 new turbines will produce an increased energy yield while simultaneously lowering the operating costs. At the same time, the landscape will also be improved aesthetically, thanks to the substantially lower number of turbines, notes Nordex.

The contract provides for the delivery of the turbines, as well as a guarantee for an initial period of two years. Acciona Energia will handle the dismantling of the older wind turbines.

“This project is something of an ideal constellation for us, as with it, we can demonstrate that wind power has gained substantially in efficiency and show that this kind of project makes good ecological and economic sense,” says Patxi Landa, chief sales officer of Nordex SE.


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