Vermont Businesses Urge Lawmakers To Pass Renewable Energy Legislation

Posted by NAW Staff on April 25, 2012 No Comments
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More than 100 Vermont businesses that are part of the state's renewable energy industry are urging legislative action before the session closes on a package of clean energy bills.

In a letter to Gov. Peter Shumlin, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and lawmakers, the businesses – led by clean energy advocate Renewable Energy Vermont – urged passage of five House-passed, bipartisan bills, stating, ‘Our industry is growing, and it is strong,’ but ‘to remain competitive, we need to continue to foster a strong local industry.’

The legislation includes bills related to property-tax certainty for state and renewables developers and customers; net metering; and the state's Clean Energy Development Fund.

‘Vermont has worked hard to develop our in-state, clean energy economy," the letter said. "Now is not the time to let this effort slide, letting the wave of the future move on to other states and countries. Predictability and pro-growth policies are vital to our continued success.’

‘Vermont would do well to look just across its borders and see the growth and job creation from other states' pro-renewable energy policies," remarked Ben Gordesky of DC Energy Innovations in North Hero. "We can't take our in-state industry for granted. The best part of our industry is that not only do we create good jobs, we also make available to Vermonters clean, renewable energy for decades to come.’

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