U.K.-Based Company Awarded Grant To Develop Offshore Wind Safety Tech

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Engineering company OSBIT Power (OP) says it has been confirmed as a successful bidder in a project to support manufacturers developing next-generation offshore wind technology.

The U.K. government has awarded OP a grant of 615,000 British pounds to help develop its MaXccess offshore wind access technology to facilitate safe personnel transfer from the larger dynamically positioned vessels that are expected to be used on future offshore wind projects.

The funding is being made under the U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Technology Strategy Board's Offshore Wind Component Technologies Development and Demonstration Scheme, which aims to support innovative companies to develop and demonstrate novel technologies that will lead to cost reduction in offshore wind energy, and increase deployment levels by 2020 and in the following decade.

"For future offshore wind projects, larger vessels will be needed, operating further from shore, in more difficult sea conditions," explains Tony Trapp, OP's CEO. "To meet the challenge of gaining access to turbines from these vessels, OP is developing MaXccess – Heavy Boat System (HBS). MaXccess HBS builds on the technology developed in the current MaXccess system, to allow operation from dynamically positioned vessels that are too large to contact turbines directly."

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