Study Aims To Find Strategies For Developing And Operating Wind Farms In Cold Climates

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The TechnoCentre eolien, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of an industrial wind energy network in Quebec, says it plans to build two new wind measurement masts to study wind characteristics in northern settings and complex terrain.

The TechnoCentre eolien received a C$480,000 grant from the College-Industry Innovation Fund to erect two new 120-meter masts at the TechnoCentre eolien's Site nordique experimental en eolien, located in Riviere-au-Renard.

The masts will enable the TechnoCentre eolien research team to learn more about the environment in which Canadian wind farms operate, develop expertise connected to the maintenance of off-grid wind measurement masts, and build upon knowledge of the atmospheric boundary layer and icing conditions, the organization explains.

The masts will be equipped with equipment such as pressure sensors, anemometers, precipitation collectors and icing-rate meters, and will be powered by an off-grid electrical system.

"The data measured by these instruments will allow us to better predict the elements that can affect the performance of wind turbines in northern climates," says Frederic Cote, general manager of TechnoCentre eolien. "Consequently, we will be able to develop wind energy projects based on better predictions, maximize energy production per turbine, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase the service life of equipment and wind turbines."

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