Siemens Partners With Eastern Wind Power On Drivetrain Solutions

Posted by NAW Staff on December 14, 2011 No Comments
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Siemens Industry Inc.'s Drive Technologies division has launched a pilot program whereby it will partner with Boston-based Eastern Wind Power to test several new solutions for decentralized power generation.

For the program, Siemens will provide drivetrain solutions for projects between 30 kW and 900 kW.

The project is being conducted at Martha's Vineyard Airport in Edgartown, Mass. Eastern Wind Power believes its Sky Farm concept of mounting between 10 and 20 50 kW vertical-axis wind turbines on the roofs of commercial or residential high-rise buildings is the most efficient way to produce on-site distributed green energy in urban areas.

The companies are currently logging real-time data – including kilowatt output credited to the airport, temperature, wind speed and wind direction – on one test turbine. Upon completion of small-wind safety certification this winter, the companies expect to build an install a second unit atop a high-rise building in Boston for further testing.

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