Sebelius Outlines Legislative Pieces Of Energy Plan

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Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, D-Kan., has outlined legislative components of a comprehensive energy plan for the state.

‘It's time we take the next step toward a clean energy future,’ says Sebelius. ‘That's why we have developed a vision for a comprehensive energy plan, which will include key legislative efforts. Those efforts are based on three principles: create jobs and attract businesses; promote the generation of clean, renewable energy; and lead the way in energy-efficiency efforts in state buildings.’

The plan includes the following legislative components:

– net metering, which will allow Kansans to generate their own electricity and effectively sell extra generation;

– codification of Kansas' existing voluntary renewable portfolio standard;

– a requirement that new or extended state leases for real property and state-owned real property meet energy efficiency standards; and

– a modification of last year's Cessna legislation to attract and expand wind-related manufacturing investment and jobs to the state.

SOURCE: Office of Kathleen Sebelius

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