Patrick Administration Presents Energy Education Training For Massachusetts Teachers

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Thanks to a workshop co-sponsored by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), dozens of teachers representing schools across Massachusetts will return to classrooms armed with facts and figures on energy and its environmental and economic impacts, as well as a suite of new techniques and materials designed to engage their students.

Titled ‘Energizing Your Classroom,’ the statewide workshop combines Gov. Deval Patrick's clean energy priorities with his commitment to improving and expanding educational opportunities throughout the commonwealth.

‘Today's elementary, middle and high school students are the leaders of tomorrow who will soon make decisions that affect the energy future of our commonwealth, our country and the world,’ DOER Commissioner Phil Giudice says.

Using materials and activities developed by the National Energy Education Project (NEED), the day-long workshop will provide comprehensive, objective information about the science of energy, energy sources and their use and impact on the environment, the economy and society.

There are still openings for K-12 teachers who would like to participate in the Aug. 19 workshop, which is sponsored by DOER, National Grid, NStar, the Cape Light Compact, Northeast Utility Systems and the National Energy Education Project (NEED).

SOURCE: Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

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