OSI To Provide Generation Management System For Wind Farm Portfolio

Posted by NAW Staff on February 16, 2012 No Comments
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Open Systems International Inc. (OSI) says it will supply a new generation management system (GMS) to be used to control and monitor a major renewable energy company's entire portfolio of wind generation sites in various energy markets.

The wind projects include 11 sites currently in ERCOT, one site in PJM, one site in NYISO and one site under construction in MISO, along with a provision for future wind plants in regional transmission organization (RTO) and non-RTO markets.

For security and competitive reasons, the company wishes to remain anonymous.

OSI's GMS system will be based on OSI's Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture platform and will feature OSI's .NET-based graphical user interface, as well as the company's alarm management system; real-time and historical trending; communications front-end processor; historical information system and data archiving; secure inter-control center communications protocol; automatic generation control and dispatch; energy market control algorithm; and market operations system software products.

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