Oregon State University Orders Energy-Storage Unit

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Milwaukee-based ZBB Energy Corp. has received an order for a standard, modular ZESS 50 energy-storage unit incorporating ZBB's new proprietary, patent-pending ZESS POWR power and energy control center (PECC), from Oregon State University (OSU).

The ZESS power system will be used on campus at the Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility. This fully integrated ZESS power system will be used in a grid configuration with simulated wind and hydroelectric sources. The ZESS POWR PECC system controls energy and power inputs from multiple power sources and then delivers energy out through an integrated inverter. The OSU project is supported by the Bonneville Power Authority and Central Lincoln Public Utilities District.

‘Wind has incredible potential to be a significant portion of the nation's energy supply, but to be a reliable resource, it ideally needs to be coupled with energy storage and to be flexible in how the power is managed and controlled out to the grid,’ says Kevin Dennis, vice president of sales and marketing for ZBB. ‘The ZBB integrated solution provides ease and flexibility in configuring these types of systems to accommodate various sizes, numbers and types of generating sources, while providing single or multiple outputs for the customer's use – a truly configurable controlled renewable energy power plant for either on-grid or off-grid systems.’

The ZESS 50 regenerative fuel cell is a 50 kWh advanced electrical energy storage device, which has a high energy density and is constructed from environmentally friendly materials to provide long life and advanced performance when compared with traditional batteries, according to the company.

SOURCE: ZBB Energy Corp.

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