Oregon Project Uses Rebuilt Wind Turbines

Posted by NAW Staff on February 22, 2012 No Comments
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A 3 MW wind project in Baker County, Ore., that came online late last year is significant in many respects, according to Lime Wind LLC, a consortium between co-developers Joseph Millworks Inc. and Azure Energy.

The consortium says that the $7 million project is notable for being both the first wind project constructed on federal lands in Oregon and the first megawatt-scale project developed with rebuilt wind turbines. It is also one of only two community wind projects built in Oregon.

The Lime Wind wind farm consists of six rebuilt Nordtank turbines, each with a capacity of 500 kW. Idaho Power Co. is purchasing the project's output starting at $0.072/kWh and increasing to $0.10/kWh over a 15-year period.

The project was first conceptualized in 2004 but by the time the project was ready for financing, the 2009 economic crisis delayed project finance. The project was eventually financed in 2011 and finally commissioned on Dec. 9.

Joseph Millworks, an Oregon-based custom door and window manufacturing company, will own and operate the project under the Lime Wind LLC. Azure Energy specializes in purchasing and rebuilding 100 kW to 3 MW wind turbines.

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