Moog Supplies Testing Equipment For Suzlon Blade Test Center

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The Blade Test Center Gujarat (BTCG), which is part of the Suzlon Group, has completed tests on a new wind turbine rotor blade using a system from Moog Inc.'s industrial group.

The design of the entire system was done by Moog on the basis of specifications provided by WMC, a knowledge center established by Delft University in the Netherlands.

The $2 million testing system is a key part of the new test facility based in Vadodara, India. It can perform both dynamic and static testing on blades up to 65 meters long. The test system provides the full testing capabilities that are required for the certification of wind turbines for use in the field, according to Moog.

‘It not only highlights Suzlon's overall thrust to maintain market leadership but also provides our non-Suzlon customers with the best-in-class wind energy testing solutions,’ says Wim Barendswaard of the BTCG.

The Suzlon test system runs on Moog test software and consists of one Moog test controller accommodating eight channels, six of which are dedicated to the electric system to perform static tests and two that are dedicated to the hydraulic system to run dynamic tests.

SOURCE: Moog Inc.

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