HomePlug Powerline Alliance Completes MRD

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The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has completed its market requirements document (MRD) for HomePlug Smart Energy. The MRD will guide the development of new HomePlug specifications, creating a new class of power-line communications products that offer lower cost and low power consumption, while also being fully interoperable with the current HomePlug AV standard and the forthcoming Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1901 standard at data rates tailored to meet the anticipated future requirements of smart-energy management.

Alliance members say that HomePlug power line technology will play an increasingly important role in achieving a standards-based smart-grid infrastructure that is more efficient and reliable. The demand for reduced energy consumption, combined with utility company initiatives, legislative mandates and government funding is expected to drive rapid growth in this sector.

According to the Alliance, HomePlug AV products have shipped in volume over the past three years and have been tested, accepted and launched by carriers and original equipment manufacturers to millions of satisfied home networking users around the world. This same technology helps to provide a baseline for a reliable technology that reaches from the electricity meter to many other electric devices in the home, forming a home area network.

The Alliance also believes that worldwide standards are critical to wide adoption and continue to work closely with the IEEE P1901 working group.

SOURCE: HomePlug Powerline Alliance

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