Goldwind Achieves ‘Commercially Proven Status’ In North America

Posted by NAW Staff on September 11, 2013 No Comments
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Goldwind reports the company has achieved the fourth and final milestone of GL Garrad Hassan's criteria for ‘Commercially Proven Status’ in North America: 100 equivalent wind turbine years of operation above 95% availability in the market.

In fact, Goldwind says the 1.5 MW permanent-magnet direct-drive platform operating in North America has been independently validated by a leading European engineer at above 98% average availability – higher than what is required to satisfy the standard.

Though banks and developers may not explicitly rely on the GL Garrad Hassan qualification of "Commercially Proven" (found within the Technical Memo on Turbine Reliability Risk Assessment) to determine commercial viability, Goldwind says this milestone is widely regarded among Western industry participants and financiers as the final threshold to be considered ‘financeable.’Â

"Having recently sold our 109.5 MW Illinois wind farm to a Western buyer and having closed a $71 million project financing with Western lenders in Panama, we are excited that this performance milestone further advances our calculated and measured market-entry plan and unlocks vast new pools of capital for our customers,’ comments CEO of Goldwind in the Americas, Tim Rosenzweig.

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