GL Garrad Hassan Deems REpower’s MM92 Commercially Proven In North America

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Turbine manufacturer REpower Systems says GL Garrad Hassan has deemed its MM92 turbine for the North American market commercially proven.

REpower says the assessment process was a joint initiative by Canada-based REpower Systems Inc. and REpower USA Corp., subsidiaries of German parent
REpower Systems SE, carried out by GL Garrad Hassan.

GL Garrad Hassan considers a turbine to be commercially proven when the manufacturer is able to respond to all North American contractual and commercial obligations. Therefore, REpower had to demonstrate the ability to support warranty and operations and maintenance services.

REpower says GL Garrad Hassan analyzed the performance of 246 REpower MM92 turbines installed in North America within a complete operational period of one year.At the end of the assessment period, GL Garrad Hassan confirmed that the MM92 has at least 100 operational turbine-years in the North American market.

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