GE To Supply Wind Turbines To Four Projects In Germany

Posted by NAW Staff on March 01, 2012 No Comments
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GE has signed an agreement with German project developer Energiekontor AG to supply the wind turbines for four wind power projects in Germany.

The four projects comprise a total of 41 wind turbines, and will generate approximately 250 GWh of electricity a year – enough to supply more than 70,000 German households, according to GE.

GE expects to commission the wind turbines in 2013. All 41 wind turbines will be manufactured in Salzbergen in Lower Saxony, Germany. The turbines will feature a 98.3-meter-high tower and a rotor diameter of 103 meters.

Energiekontor also signed a wind service agreement with GE that includes an extended spare-parts and servicing contract for maintenance, routine inspections and remote monitoring, along with manual resets to be undertaken by on-site service technicians and technical measures for troubleshooting and fault rectification.

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