Gamesa’s 4.5 MW Wind Turbine Certified As Eco-Friendly

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Gamesa has announced that its G128-4.5 MW wind turbine has been granted Ecodesign certification by rating agency TUV in accordance with ISO 14006/2011 standards.

The Ecodesign designation means that the turbine generates the least possible environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from the design of all of its components to the materials selection, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, installation, operation and maintenance, and dismantling processes, according to Gamesa.

The G128-4.5 MW turbine prototype – deployed in Navarra, Spain this March – set a record for output by a single turbine in Spain, when it generated 104.6 MWh, Gamesa notes.

The Ecodesign designation was awarded based on the following characteristics:

  • The nacelle is similar in size to that of a turbine of less than half the G128-4.5 MW's unit capacity;
  • The G128-4.5 MW's weight is markedly lower than that of an average multi-megawatt machine;
  • The machine features a segmented blade, which allows updates in logistics, transport and installation similar to those of a 2 MW turbine;
  • Four G128-4.5 MW turbines generate as much energy as nine 2 MW turbines or 21 to 22 turbines of less than 1 MW of unit capacity;
  • The turbine features materials with a low environmental impact and use suppliers that prioritize environmental protection;
  • The turbine is manufactured in few stages, minimizes energy consumption and reduces the use of noxious or hazardous substances;
  • Transport and logistics were optimized, and land use was reduced; and
  • Visual and wildlife impacts, and waste generation were reduced.

Gamesa says it is also working on achieving the Ecodesign certification for some of its offshore machines.

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