Europe Could Use Submarine Cable To Receive Renewable Energy From Iceland

Posted by NAW Staff on April 27, 2012 No Comments
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The Icelandic energy provider, Landsvirkjun, may help supply continental Europe with renewable energy via a North Atlantic submarine power cable.

‘Providing sustainable energy to Europe through a submarine power cable offers an interesting business opportunity for the nation of Iceland and, at the same time, presents a partial solution to Europe, where they are looking for an increased supply of renewable energy,’ explains Horour Arnarson, Landsvirkjun's CEO. ‘Numerous countries in Europe have already expressed interest in the possibility to connect with Iceland's clean energy resources.’

In cooperation with Icelandic authorities, universities, interest groups, and energy and transmission companies, Landsvirkjun will undertake additional analysis and research into the potential impact on social, environmental, legal and technical issues. A working group will be appointed to research the feasibility of laying a submarine cable between Iceland and the British Isles and or mainland Europe.

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