Duke Energy Receives $22 Million Grant To Study Wind Storage

Posted by NAW Staff on November 25, 2009 No Comments
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Duke Energy says it will match a $22 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to design, build and install large-scale batteries to store wind energy at its 151 MW Notrees Windpower project in Texas.

According to Duke Energy, the batteries will store excess wind energy and discharge it whenever demand for electricity is highest. The intent of the grant is to demonstrate how energy storage can help overcome wind energy's intermittency. This project represents one of the nation's first demonstrations of energy storage at a utility-scale wind farm.

The total value of the 20 MW energy storage project is $43.6 million. Duke Energy says it must negotiate the terms and conditions of the grant with the DOE before any funds are released.

In addition, Duke Energy will work with the Energy Reliability Council of Texas to understand the project's implications and establish requirements for its implementation.

SOURCE: Duke Energy

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