Companies Team Up To Complete Wind Turbine Analysis In Harsh Greenland Winter

Posted by NAW Staff on March 28, 2012 No Comments
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The Institute for Arctic Technology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) recently worked on a project in Greenland intended to determine the impact of combining wind energy with existing diesel generators in small villages with independent electrical grids.

For the project, DTU engaged Lagoni Engineering Ltd. and Excelsior LLC to analyze both historic and real-time data. Arctic conditions ruled out upgrading hardware, causing Lagoni to find performance improvements within the existing platform.

‘We were looking for a way to reduce the hardware requirements and cost associated with conventional Java, which powers Monatar, our in-house data logger with a built-in Web server that provides the user interface for the researchers,’ explains Thomas Olsen, director of Lagoni Engineering Ltd. ‘We found what we needed in Excelsior JET Embedded.’

Monatar is an embedded energy-monitoring device for wind turbine analysis. Excelsior JET, a certified Java SE embedded runtime and an ahead-of-time compiler, powered Monatar in the bitter-cold Greenland winter.

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