Catch The Wind Provides Tech To TechnoCentre eolien

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Catch the Wind Ltd. (CTW) says it has signed an agreement with the TechnoCentre eolien to install a Vindicator Optical Control System (OCS) on one of the organization's REpower MM92 2.05 MW wind turbines in Quebec.

The OCS, a wind turbine control system for utility-scale wind turbines, will be installed for evaluation and research and development purposes. From its position on top of the nacelle, the OCS simultaneously measures wind speed and direction in the free stream inflow ahead of the turbine and uses this information to optimize wind turbine performance, increasing energy output and reducing damaging stress loads, according to Catch the Wind.

"This work with the TechnoCentre eolien will validate the robustness and reliability of our OCS to provide intelligent, proactive turbine control," says Jo Major, interim president and CEO of Catch the Wind Inc. "This project is designed to put the CTW optical system in both very complex terrain and extreme winter environments. Further, the project lays the groundwork for installation of CTW's optical systems on REpower machines throughout North America and Europe."

The TechnoCentre eolien is an independent organization active in developing new technologies to improve wind turbine operations and performance, particularly in extremely cold climates and complex terrains.

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